Friday Arvo Food For Thought: Missing

I’m quite amazed how often this question is missing from business meetings.

I can remember sitting down with a private client and thankfully, I remembered to ask the questions even though we were 15 minutes into our time together. The question is better asked at the start. If I hadn’t asked the question my client would have gone away without ever having his most pressing concerns addressed.

What is the question? It is, 'what would you love to get from our meeting today?' Or put another way, by the time our meeting is concluded, what do you want to be walking away with?

My client had a PowerPoint presentation that was in their bag. It needed reviewing. It was not until I asked the question that the PowerPoint entered our conversation. He said if I had not of asked he would not have mentioned it. We addressed and improved it. When you ask you are no longer trying to guess what the person needs and seeks out of the meeting. Once you have built up a bit of rapport, simply ask, what would love to get out of our time together. It will make the meeting more productive and time can be used effectively by one and all. Many times it is not the answer you expected!

What would you love to get out of the rest of today?

My best,

P.S. I use a variation of this question to ask each of my family members what they would love to do this month? Their answers open up their hearts and minds and being closer here is a aim I believe everyone should have.

P.P.S Questions provide the answers.

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer. William S. Burroughs

It is important to keep developing your mind with great ideas and methods to be, wealthier, healthier and happier.  

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