Friday Arvo Food For Thought – Goals.

Did you ever have that feeling there’s got to be more to life?

There is a film classic, made in 1951 called ‘The Oracle.’ A reporter discovers a well in Ireland that has an Oracle, which can predict the future. The best way to predict your future is to design it. In order to get what you want out of life, you must decide what it is.

This is both fun and exciting to do.

I had this made and it is so much fun. Here is the most efficient goal setting technology that I’m aware of. It really grabs your attention as it evaluates what your top goal is, and places all your goals in order of importance. This saves so much time and effort as well as bringing order to your mind.

Even better, it only takes a few minutes to use and it is thorough and simple. It has loads of preloaded goals to make it easy to use and you can add your own too. Enjoy and have some fun in the next few minutes.

Today why not give yourself 5 minutes to see what wonderful things you love to start doing or completing. Just to make it more practical, you can print or email your goals to you. 

Yours reflectfully,


It is important to keep developing your mind with great ideas and methods to be, wealthier, healthier and happier.  

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