Friday Afternoon Food For Thought: Values

What makes the NRL Champions of 2017, Melbourne Storm tick?  What makes people role models in sport?  Cooper Cronk in his farewell speech talked of values.  He said it’s been instilled in him to work hard at the club and to become a great person.  He could do this by taking what he learned at the club and using it to make him a better person off the field.

Those that don’t embrace this way of living are soon moved on from the club.

Too many people lack clarity in their own personal values.  Why?  Well historically, it’s a very challenging and complex affair to decide your values.  

However, it is easy now!

Here is a great tool that I had developed. It is simple and takes just a few minutes and is precise.   That’s right within the next 5 minutes or less, your top 5 values will be ready for you to view and in order of importance!

Personal aspirations when aligned to personal values are the food of fulfilment. Personal aspirations are the changes and improvements that you are aiming for and personal values are the compass that directs what you do and how you do it.

If you want to see the effects of what you do soar and become a person who is even more fulfilled in their role, being clear about what your values mean you can work in harmony with them. 

The purpose of the Achievement Accelerator™ is to show your values so that you use them and make the better decisions based on who you are. This now adds the powerful trait of authenticity into your life.

Here is the link you can start using it straight away I’ve called it the Achievement Accelerator:  You'll be viewing your top 5 values in just a few minutes   

If you want to see a tutorial on the achievement Accelerator you can watch one here.  It goes for just over 4 minutes.


© Paul Rodden 2017 

When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.

Roy E. Disney

It is important to keep developing your mind with great ideas and methods to be, wealthier, healthier and happier.  

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