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How To to advance your professional and personal life, raise your achievements and fulfilment to Extra-Ordinary Levels

The pay off should be widely enriching to your career, your family, bank account and well-being!

Which way are you going?

The next twelve months is going to go one of two ways; you can carry on doing the same or similar things to get the same or similar results OR you can design, develop and do what is necessary to create the life that you truly aspire to. Enjoying more of what you aspire to is a totally obtainable option.  

So what stops people from pursing and living a more enriching life?

There is no discrimination. The following 3 factors always restrict people from living a life that reflects what they are truly capable of.  They apply to people who are at the top of what they do and equally to those who are just starting out.  They are principles and therefore transcend over any profession, industry and sport.
Here’s why people settle for a fraction of what is available to them:

1.    They don’t have a worthy cause clearly defined in their mind.  A worthy cause can only ever produce an effect that is just as good. It has to one that is emotive, inspiring and fits totally with you.  Believe me, you will know when you have this clearly articulated and well defined.  Your whole body radiates with the feeling of being alive.   It permeates every aspect of who you are, mentally, emotionally and physically.

2.    A lack of sustained and consecutive thinking.  Keeping your mind focused on your worthy cause, especially when things don’t look good takes effort.  It is much easier to surrender your mind to easy options, default patterns of thinking and less inspiring causes.  This however takes you away from where you truly desire to be.

3.    People’s actions are ineffective, weak and therefore unsuccessful.  They are not in the desired direction or linked to a powerful and clearly articulated worthy cause.   Quite simply, if you’re actions are not successful and keep you on track, neither are you.
4. People do not know how to bypass, lack of talent, knowledge and skills to achieve their desired outcomes in a faster and much more effective way, as all super achievers do.  
In order to produce your best AND enjoy your best, the following need to be present:  
1.   You must have a true and clearly defined heart-felt desire.  A cause so worthy of your time and energy that it is truly inspires you.

2.   You need to be aware of your thinking so that you can correct it when it takes you off course.  You must know how to think with purpose, faith and gratitude to be at your creative and powerful best.

3.   You need to know how to infuse your actions with certainty.  You don’t rush activities, as hurry is mental worry.  You permeate each action with faith and purpose to make it a success creating a chain of successful actions towards your worthy cause, your clearly defined heart-felt desire. When they don't go to plan you need to call upon effective strategies to manage your situation. 

4.   You have mentors and experts who know how to do 1-4. They show you step by step to personally achieve 1-4. They take away all the strain, anguish and anxiety as they have the map and know how to show you how to be at your very best.

5.   You commit time to master these area of success and fufillment 

Aspirational Individuals Seeking Greater Professional Success And Personal Fulfilment

You are going to be totally focused on attaining an outcome that will transform your professional life. In addition looking after your wellbeing and being happier in what you do.                                   

Introducing: 525600

12 Full months of Enriching Development and Growth

A clear and definite way to produce results that you are going to be very proud of! 

525600 is a personal, private, confidential 1-1 program 

Be part of a thought provoking, fun, totally results focused next 12 months that is proven to totally transform your results in your profession and personally too.

There are very few guarantees in life and even less in business, so I want you to realise how powerful and valuable this program is and what it will do for you.  If within the first 30 days of our time together, the program falls short of your expectations, in any way, you have the right to exercise your 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

I believe this is imperative for you to know straight away, as the only way you are going experience the power that awaits you, is to experience the program.  Then and only then will you realise that the knowledge, wisdom and methodologies that await you, are ready to take you from where you are now to where you truly want to be.

 A Short Course Primer Of 525600

Let me immediately share with you the key reasons why 525600 will work for you: 

The objectives:

  • Define your number 1 professional aspiration
  • Make significant progress towards it / achieve it
  • Awareness and steps of how to succeed
  • Become aware of how to make all your activities successful
  • Be more effective
  • Develop an on-going growth paradigm
  • Enjoy life more
  • Feel more relaxed
  • Reduce or at times eliminate worry, doubt and fear
  • Focus on being healthier, wealthier and happier in your life

There are 525600 minutes in a full year.  Here’s how they are going to produce results that you are proud of.   Each session has been hand crafted, tested, researched, and used with my very own clients.  They are proven and when applied irrefutable in shifting performance.

This is what to specifically expect and in what order.  I’ll go into much more illustrative and definitive detail in our live sessions together. 

Session #1: Seeing Greater Success 

Altering your perspective and paradigm is fundamental for your growth and development.  In this insightful session you will realise how each superachiever strategy has a compound effect on you in an agreeable way. 

You will know:

  • How your present paradigm developed
  • How to change your paradigm
  • How 525600 changes your paradigm
  • What to expect and why in the next 12 months
  • Why you feel uneasy at times and be able to self correct to feeling better and take the appropriate action 

Session #2: Awaken Your Ambitions Within

If your whole body is not emotionally engaged in where your futures lies, goals are mundane and tepid at best. The immediate impact of the program is established when you clearly crystallise your number 1 professional aspiration, a true and clearly defined heartfelt desire, providing you with:

  • Purpose
  • Articulation
  • Vision
  • Emotional Desire
  • Inspiration
  • Creativity
  • Joy

If you’re not feeling this way about your future – stop and know that you can immediately do so.

Session #3: Turning Your Prime Aspiration Into Reality

The Prime Aspiration Mapping Process takes your Prime Aspiration and clearly defines what goals, steps and tasks need to be completed so that you reach your destination. Without this step you can never fully utilise the most powerful strategy that all super achievers.

With it you will:

  • Continual be inspired when each task is completed clearing showing you are making progress
  • Know dates specific dates when things need doing by
  • Use your time wisely and priorities your activities
  • Have a clearer mind as you can see where you are going and what needs doing
  • Become aware of what you are prepared to do and what you need help with. This is so powerful as it means you can seek out help to advance where you may have previously stopped.
  • Learn a technique that you can use personally and for the rest of your life.

Session #4: How To Overcome Fear In The Tasks You Need To Take

In this eye opening and practical session you are going to become aware of any probably obstacles that could impede or stop your progress in the tasks you need to complete.

You will:

  • Become clear what these potential obstacles are
  • Know the reasons why these obstacles are not being addressed
  • Put into perspective any fears that you consider are slowing you down
  • Having reduced or eliminate any fear you will have clearly defined actions to make progress

Session #5: Remove The Biggest Conscious and Subconscious Blocks Towards Your Prime Aspiration

The subconscious is where your habits reside.  By consciously recognising what restrains your progress you can start to remedy the situation.  When any fears, doubts and worries are revealed of your past failures you can take a new approach.  When you view your fears with a mind that seeks growth and expansion you can look at any failure as a guide to greater future success. 

In this session you will:

  • Learn a simple yet profoundly effective strategy to help you identify limits in your thinking and form a plan of action to remedy your restricting beliefs.
  • Become curious about fear, worry and doubt and learn lessons from your past to create an inspiring future.
  • Learn that failure is an event not a person, it has a cause or causes and effects. You can identify the causes and learn a life lesson to make our next attempt better.
  • Benefit from seeing what has held you back previously and see quite clearer how to stop past failures and mistakes thwarting success towards your Prime Aspiration.

Session #6: Effectively Partner Or Drastically Limit Your Success

It is not enough to know that you need effective partnering to become increasingly successful.  In this session you will be clear on how to select and recruit beneficial partners:

You will know how to:

  • Identify the type of partner you need
  • Select ideal partners
  • Attract them
  • Set up effective partnerships with 4 key elements

Session #7:  Defining Your Health & Vitality Prime Aspiration

Health & Vitality:  Health is true wealth.  By taking the time to define what is most valuable and important to you, then and only then can you actively stabilise or improve you mental and physical wellbeing.  Keeping your mind and body active in the direction of what is important to you, your health and vitality, really is one of the best things you can experience in life.

In this session you will:

  • Define a true and clearly heart-felt desire, your Prime Aspiration in the Health & Vitality area of your life.
  • Learn how to use the strategies from previous sessions to make it possible
  • List 3 actions to take you towards your new Health & Vitality Prime Aspiration
  • Realise how important health & vitality are to livingness 

Session #8: Making Your Activities Effective

Activity alone is not enough to secure your professional aspiration.  When you know how to make each directed action powerful and effective you know in your heart that you can achieve stand out results.   You are now the embodiment of success.

When you feel this way you will:

  • Approach every action knowing you can make it a success
  • Feel assured, calm and powerful when you work
  • Know that you are the cause of success and enjoy your awareness
  • Produce work that reflects the top end of your capabilities

You will also become aware of how powerful your beliefs are in achieving greater success.

Session #9: How To Masterfully And Easily Deal With Critics And Find Pathways To Greater Success

Winnowing is the process that is used to leave you with only the best quality. It is commonly used in separating the wheat from the chaff.  It blows aways the useless and unwanted so that you are left with rich pickings. 

You will learn how the ONLY way to deal with criticisms so that it actually losses power to hurt and at the same time find golden opportunities that are presented to you.

You will learn how to:

  • Turn criticism into a helper
  • Respond wisely to criticism
  • Mentally and instantly dismiss inappropriate criticism
  • Take responsibility for how you deal with criticism 

Session #10: Value and Prime Aspirations Keeps You On Track

Time is something that you can never get back. How we decide to use it is the difference between success and fulfilment as opposed to mediocrity and what may have been.

If you don’t control your activities how can you possible achieve greater and rewarding success?

Being clear in your mind on what activities will yield the greatest pay off, scheduling time to do them and making this a habit produces effective results. You will review you current approach to make certain you have a personalised system that develops your productivity.

You will:

  • Review you current systems
  • Learn what needs doing and why
  • Identify high value Prime Aspiration activities
  • Plan when to do 'Prime Aspiration high value activities’
  • Learn what to do with information that can overwhelm your systems
  • Examine 3 highly effective methods of effectiveness that work and cherry pick what you need to produce more in less time 

Session #11:  Generate The 'Right' Conditions For Your Success

It is reassuringly powerfully to see how your thoughts can make great haste towards your number 1 professional aspiration.  In this unique presentation you will know how to direct your thinking to shorten the time it takes to attain your aspiration.

You will know how to:

  • Use cause and effect to get the breaks you need, repeatedly
  • Focus your mind to reveal fertile conditions for your success
  • Re-set your mind for success when obstacles appear

Session #12:  Breaking Bad Habits

How much will your life change when you have the knowledge and know how to break bad habits?  How much would you pay to do so?  Hundreds, thousands, millions, tens of million? By stopping your very worst and limiting habits that cost you in your career, health, energy, relationships and use of time and money, your life is going to be so much better.

In this highly sought after and desirable session you will learn how to:

  • Identify your bad habit loops
  • Learn how to identify your current rewards you are get from habits
  • Change any bad habit to improved and new ones that add to the quality of your life.

Session #13:  Thinking that Turns Into Activity

You are going to become aware and enjoy insights into your thinking so that you can move towards mastery of it.  In this intuitive session you are going to understand and acknowledge your thinking in a way that is going to serve you to become wealthier, healthier and happier in what you do.  You will have a clear, deep perception of free will, choice and developing your mind to achieve so much more. 

You will know how to:

  • Keep your professional aspiration alive in your mind
    Stop outside factors driving your thoughts and behaviours
    Use principled thinking as opposed to thinking by precedent, so you can be at your very best

Session #14:  Leave People In A Better Place

With your developing mind, growing awareness and effective actions, you are going to be able to advance people whom you come into contact with more easily.  Being a person of increase means taking intentional action to make a meaningful contribution to other people’s lives.  They advance and you feel a deep sense of joy, happiness and fulfilment.

Here is what you will learn:

  • The value of your knowledge and how to help others with it
    You are a creative centre who can help truly help advance others
    To feel charged emotionally with the certainty that you are a person of increase and advancement

Session #15:  Developing Character And Cultivating A First Class Attitude

You are going to enjoy what you do and what you achieve more when you live in a positive spirit. 

I’ve seen people who have attained material wealth remain impoverished mentally because of the poor relationship they have with themself. With research showing mental attitude is far more important than people had ever imagined, cultivating the right thoughts for you wellbeing just makes perfect sense.

You will know how to:

  • Self correct a poor attitude
  • Deliver criticism in a wise way
  • Generate gratitude and use it to your advantage

This session sets a challenge that will make you a more positive person and the awareness use it forever more.

Session #16:  Embrace direct, deliberate effort

Direct, deliberate effort is a factor that everyone can improve upon and, when aimed at your number 1 professional aspiration, will always move you forward. Direct, deliberate effort is powerful and is needed repeatedly in attainment and success.

This is why embracing direct, deliberate effort is important…

It will:

  • Take away the myth about how success is achieved
  • Move you into direct and deliberate effort
  • Show you how to personalise effort so you become more effective

You will:

  • Realise that you have what it takes to convert your potential and transform it into better results and outcomes  
  • Always know, step by step, what is needed to take direct and deliberate action
  • Know direction is ALWAYS before perseverance
  • Use Prime Aspirations Mapping to map out your destiny and how to get there

Interval Alignment Session # 1-4

Our next 4 sessions are called Interval Alignment. You now have the principles, knowledge and methods to establish greater success.  It is time to make certain you are applying and integrating them effectively in all that you do.

Every stage you move through in business brings with it experience. As we finish one area of development another one starts.

By now you are thinking, feeling and acting more effectively and new growth is inextricably linked to your development.  However, obstacles will surface as sure as day turns into night.  When this happens is imperative you know how to use your new knowledge and skills so you don’t fall back into limiting patterns of thinking and of activity. 

Refresh Recharge Renew

When you don’t take the time to regularly review your performance it is easy to lose perspective and stop doing the things that are really necessary to excel.

When you do many great things happen:

  • You bring order to your mind
  • You review how to optimise your performance
  • You take the time out to really review your actions to make the more powerful and successful
  • You fully evaluate your strategies
  • You take the time out to update your systems as the demands of your roles change
  • You take the time to develop true faith that you can and do succeed
  • You have new objectives and projects that become fully integrated into your current way of working
  • You examine the decisions you have made in recent weeks to enhance your future decisions

As in nature, pruning stimulates new growth to give more flowers and fruits to encourage plants to blossom. Also, pruning is very important if dead or diseased wood is present so it can be removed.

Therefore periodically you need to prune some of the confusion and disorder that’s goes on in life. You need to simplify some things. And it’s possible to do just that. You need to simplify and create a new state of awareness and a mindset to support it.

Interval Alignment is a comprehensive review of your:

  • Self
  • Strategies
  • Systems
  • Aspirations
  • Attitude
  • Thinking
  • Personal Effectiveness

You will reflect on four vital questions:

  • What must I do more of?
  • What must I do less of?
  • What must I start?
  • What must I stop?

You will focus on the 3 vital areas of your performance:

  • Thinking
  • Habits/Discipline
  • Execution

Remember you must:

  • Look within for value and
  • Look outwards for perspective

Interval Alignment makes sure you create a natural ‘Time out’ for yourself, so that you are prepared for any forthcoming:

  • Events
  • Opportunities
  • Projects
  • Presentations
  • Meetings
  • Appraisal
  • Salary Reviews
  • Day To Day Work

Being at your creative and effective best is where aspirations turn into reality. Having someone to point out what you are doing well and things that you can improve upon are vital.

Here is what my clients gain and what you may focus on from Interval Alignment:

  • A better attitude
  • Improved relationships
  • Increase salary
  • Increased profits
  • Daily success
  • Becoming a legacy visionary
  • Leading others to make your visions happen
  • Becoming preeminent
  • Believing in your vision
  • Conversion of new opportunities into bottom line profits
  • Opportunistic vs. strategic opportunities
  • The Strategy of Preeminence – Lending/commanding total respect and trust
  • Skill Set Inventory/Audit to ensure accelerated results
  • Using your existing skills to strategically accelerate your performance
  • Personal best results
  • Increase productivity and reduction in stress levels
  • Established legacies

Working with the best and helping them achieve their best:

Having worked with people from but not limited to the organisations listed, as well as household names professionally sportspeople, I know how to help individuals produce better and best ever results with mathematical certainty.

  • Akzo Nobel
  • Asda

  • Australian International Cricketers
  • Australian National Consulting Barclays Bank

  • Coca-Cola

  • CPW (Nestle & General Mills)
  • Cricket Australia

  • Cricket Victoria

  • Fosters

  • Kraft Foods

  • Lloyds TSB Private Banking
  • Premiership Footballers
  • Prospa Financial

  • Stanley Black & Decker

  • Westpac

Here are some top line results from clients I have worked with by helping them define their no 1 professional aspiration:

  • $124 million of brand new profits in 14 months by one person developing a new product
  • $25 million in new business in 18 weeks by listing a product never listed before 

  • $7.2 million additional profit in 18 weeks by team in multi-beverages 
  • Idea created 4% increase in profits overnight for major blue chip
  • Business in decline owner of 22 years creates 33% brand new profit in depressed market
  • 46% growth in a market place in decline for 20 years for massive beverage organisation
  • Building own property, moving to a new country, and staying with the same company within 6 months
  • Visionary strategic planning and habits changes resulting in 120% growth in declining market
  • Re-organizing International Marketing department with massive impact on marketing results and returns +200%
  • International Cricketer beats record that has stood since 1892

Ready to advance go here to complete your application.  You will be followed up with a phone call to discuss your application.

52500 as with all my programs contains your 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.   You’ve nothing to lose and only remarkable results to gain.

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The contents of each program and the emphasis on each area may vary depending on what is best suited at the time to help you achieve your Professional Prime Aspiration.

There is a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee in the spirit of moral and ethical business.   So you can register with totally confidence and assurance.  If it is not what I say and more you simple get to keep all the materials and knowledge as my way of saying ‘thank you for the opportunity.’  You’ve nothing to lose and some extra-ordinary results to gain.

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