MindPower Challenge For Companies

How to train your mind to get you from where you are now to where you truly desire to be!

A BRAND-NEW Way ... to turbo charge your mind and actions so that you cause results that reflect you being the best you can be!

ATTENTION: Optimum Performance-Minded Individuals

Imagine a world where everyone is thinking in second gear. To everyone, it looks like second gear is perfectly normal; after all, no one else is thinking any better… But then one day someone comes along and tells you that all along you have been performing at a reduced capacity.
  • Wouldn't you feel massively cheated
  • How fast would you want to learn how to get your mind into the next gear and beyond to see what you are really capable of?
  • How curious would you be to use your higher levels of thinking to shape your life as you truly desire it to be?

Wanted: up To 16 Intrepid, Ambitious People 

To Be Part Of A Bold & Daring Results-Yielding Causation Challenge

The “payoff” should be wildly enriching to your career, business, health, relationships or bank account!


Your mind can transform any aspect of who you are and what you do and when you do it!


The MindPower SuperChallenge

Date/Time / Venue To be confirmed

A 3 hour super-charged spectacular where you walk away with improved circumstances, as well as the knowledge to keep on developing for life, professionally and personally!

Each participant will transform their unconscious approach to success with a paradigm shift that causes results that reflect you being at your very best. I’ll do all the hard work and provide you with the answers you need to create new and inspiring rewards, both mentally and materially or


Bold, courageous, daring and steadfast!

Dear committed achiever,

Every new client I work with, I usually start by asking them how much they believe that, in the times they were outstanding in life, business or sport, what percentage contribution did their mindset play in them being successful? Invariably the answer I get is 70 to 90%! Then we ask them how much time they have spent developing their mind? 

The Mindset is the critical secret to winning sales, dominating business markets, achieving personal dreams and creating substantial wealth. Add to that an aligned, streamlined strategy.

In life, strategy is the difference between wonderful fulfilment and existing. In sport, it is the difference between mediocrity and superstardom. In business it’s the difference between poverty and wealth.

By focusing total attention on building your mind in a completely new way, using the MindPower SuperChallenge Strategy, I will finally put together the master mental “game plan” you have been missing. 

“Success needs awareness for it to be attained in a totally fulfilling way!”

This is the opportunity to learn to think in a preeminent way. All top athletes in the world today have a mind coach, and so do the majority of top business people. We all agree that the mindset is so important, yet only a very few top performers know how to harness the secrets of the mind. Today you make a decision about whether you join them. I welcome you to join me 100% risk-free. If it is not what you wanted or thought I will give you back your money, no questions, hassle or hesitation. I’m that confident.

Congratulations and welcome to the MindPower SuperChallenge 

I want to give you a Guaranteed Mindset “breakthrough” in the 2 ½ hours that we meet … 


And We’re Talking “Serious Mindset” Breakthroughs Here!

A Short Course Primer on
The MindPower SuperChallenge 

Let me immediately ‘show’ you the magnitude and conscious power that will begin to stimulate your thinking so you upgrade your mind to a higher level of consciousness. These principles, when used wisely, are certain to cause results that reflect you being at your very best. (I’ll explain these in much more defined, illustrative and critical detail at The MindPower SuperChallenge.)

Principle #1: Know the cause of success - Unless you know what the true cause of success is, how are you going to improve it? Unless you can focus your mind to the singular word that is always present in attainment, your mind is left wondering where to begin and where to focus to ensure greater, ongoing growth and development. When you know the cause of success you will also know that being your best is an option and not what is available to a select few. You will have the awareness. 

Principle #2: Understand causation to prosper - A worthy cause has to produce effects that are just as good. It is the law of cause and effect. Being aware of how this law affects your life is paramount. You are either for growth or decline. It is necessary you make it work for you as opposed to against you. By understanding how it has shaped who you are today means you can harness its power to design the future that you truly aspire to.

Principle #3: Develop your mind sufficiently - If it’s new to you that your mind is infinite in power, you’re going to love this awareness. When you know and feel that you can succeed and you know and understand how to succeed, success is placed firmly in your grasp. Your whole body feels a radiant and positive flow of energy that only needs to be directed so you immediately begin to create some wonderful and joyous outcomes. You will approach each task with certainty, power and purpose. Your faith will be unwavering and your actions become an unbroken sequence towards your worthy outcome. You are going to learn and immediately want to use 3 GREAT facts of the mind that only a few know and less use wisely. Each one is going to remind you of the amazing results and transformation you can make in life and have totally confidence in doing so.  

Principle #4: Generate successful conditions to avail - The best mindset frame takes every future situation or circumstance—good, bad or indifferent—as being an untapped opportunity ... and, ultimately, an advantage. To a mentally aligned mindset, there is never such a thing as a failure or disaster. Every situation can move you closer towards your ultimate vision once you know how to redirect the power in your favour. Everything is usable as a tactical weapon to drive you forward.

Principle #5: Make ALL your acts successful - You are either doing successful or unsuccessful acts. When you make your thoughts successful and when you feel successful, your actions reflect the certainty and purpose that you can be and indeed are successful. You are now consciously converting your potential into results. Every communication and interaction must be designed to leave people with the impression of increase and advancement. 

Principle #6: Define your desire. THE INITIAL CONSTRUCTION OF YOUR VISION is the cause and driver of my “Seven Keys to the Kingdom” principles. Nothing else comes close to leveraging and maximising the power you can generate from the inspiring outcome. In fact, goals are worthless unless they are done in such a way that stimulates your whole nervous system in an emotionally charged way. Without this emotional engagement you are operating purely on a conscious level without engaging what controls your ultimate destiny, your subconscious mind. 

Principle #7: Share your ideas, skills and knowledge - Quite frankly, it is astonishing, needless and many would consider it professional negligence not tap into the extraordinary minds of people who can advance your cause. In this altruistic and selfless time period, epiphanies are realised. By cashing into the depths of all the delegates’ minds so they serve their fellow attendees, a goldmine of suggestions, connections, ideas, strategies and networking opportunities will surely advance each person in ways that they previously would just not have been aware of. 

I urge you not to underestimate their importance and impact on your business or life. Sometimes the techniques and changes are disarmingly simple and unorthodox — but again, don’t you dare underestimate them. They are devastatingly effective.

If this is so good then why is the investment only $147 per person?

…it sounds too good to be true

YES, you are right! This is a truly remarkable price considering the education and experience you will receive. No other seminar I do is likely to be quite as generously priced. Why is it such a good value? Well, two reasons really.

1. I need to measure the progress of people we put through the system. I’ve created a new powerful set of tools and have not recorded people’s results from day 1 of them being successfully used. I never really realised the value of collecting their starting positions, the strategies I devised with them and the success stories in a methodical way.

2. The benefit of building this database is immense for marketing purposes; also it’s important to build upon a collection of successful outcomes for new clients to model to achieve their outcome. I have found that sometimes people find my claims almost too good to be true but can really relate to someone else who has walked in their shoes and achieved what they want to achieve. To me that is valuable and I’m prepared to recognise that fact and discount the seminar on the understanding that you share your results with me, and the transformation you went through to achieve your specific outcome and to collect testimonials.

Your development does not stop there. You see, I know that a new and beneficial change, a transformation in one’s own personal circumstances, is priceless. Your time is going to be well spent, as we can never get it back. Before you depart with your new insights, proven and time-tested methodologies, you are going to have results that back up you experiencing using the 7 principles. 

After you define a true and clearly defined heart-felt desire, you will have three actions that need to be taken in the direction of your outcome. It is planning and progress at its very best. You will have the opportunity to avail your actions and therefore make progress in our time together, a truly remarkable use of time and a very powerful development in your life.

In Addition … a GIFT for life!

All attendees will receive the number one and incredibly powerful piece of mind awareness that I insist all my clients use IMMEDIATELY! It is not only instant in its use and effects, it saves you:

Time AND reduces, stress, worry, doubt and fear in places that you simply do not need them.

Why should you learn from Paul? Your course facilitator is:

Paul Rodden

Paul is a co-author in the DNA of Success stories sold all over the world. Over 10,000 copies were sold even before it went to press. He works globally with a portfolio of clients that ranges from the biggest brands on the planet, high-powered executives, business owners and elite sports people, as well as personal and private clients. Paul recognises that there are principles that transcend age, background and education to produce rewards that enhance your life. It is upon this rock solid foundation that new successes continue to be achieved with his delighted clients. No matter if you are the top of your profession or just starting out, your mind, awareness and how to achieve more fulfilling results is a priceless piece of mind that everyone can benefit from.

It's a great opportunity to have the same mentor as VP’s of the worlds biggest brands, international sport people, millionaires, entrepreneurs, CEO’s for 3 paradigm changing, mindset makeover, unique results generating hours.

This is a clear, direct and results-focused process. I asked the sceptics in my division what they thought of it... The general consensus was, we have had all the big names, in the worlds of finance and sport; this was by far the best we have ever had. 
Nigel Gallagher- Sales Director Barclays Financial Management

Dear Paul, Thank you for the Seminar you ran for my team. Each individual now knows how to uncover a specific and clearly defined want. You were fantastic. You far exceeded our expectations; I was especially impressed with the way you interacted with everyone. We have come light years.
Andy Tosney - International Customer Director, Kraft Foods

Dear Paul, The Seminar you ran was great! The focus you gave the team has led to new product listings that have helped our business. The feedback from all attendees has been positive. You have been focused and enthusiastic, and the practical ideas and solutions you have given us have been great.
Nigel Emmanuel - Sales Controller, Akzo Nobel, UK

Additional Bonus

Each delegate with have a personal and private one-on-one follow-up 30-minute strategy session to make certain you advance in the best and most effective manner for you. YES, that’s right, a personal and private consultation with Paul so you can ask the questions that need answering and get totally clear about how you can attain more of what you truly desire in life.

The Vision in a Nutshell for the Premier: The MindPower SuperChallenge

Let me share with you my “overview” of what we will be trying to accomplish for you during this 3 hour experience. I can guarantee that, other than drinking and breathing, each of you will be able to

1. Understand and demonstrate how to use the MindPower SuperChallenge tools and techniques.

2. Choose a vision and apply your new education and strategies to achieve it.

3. Achieve a massive paradigm shift in favour of your chosen vision with a sense of confidence, clarity and certainty that you are truly thinking like a person who can and will achieve your outcome.

There Are Few Guarantees In Business—Except This:

If you change your mindset, you will significantly change your results.
So here’s a risk reversal proposition “to die for”...

Test Drive the Whole Program- - -

With a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee!

In fact, I’m absolutely, totally and positively guaranteeing it’s true—and that you’ll see it for yourself within the event ... OR YOU DON’T PAY!

Immediate Next Steps ...

To register for this extraordinary program, please click here.

It’s vitally important that you register or contact Paul because there are ONLY 5 MindPower SuperChallenge events and when they’re gone, they ... are ... GONE!!

Because this is a premier event, your questions are very important to us. If you have any questions or need to see exactly how the program would best help you, please feel free to contact Paul right away at +61 (0)416305088 or [email protected] I am sure he’ll be glad to assist in whatever way he can.

In Summary ...

Just as a reminder: What Will You “Take Away” From This Program Specifically?


  •  A set of powerful tools that will move your mindset to where you need to be—to achieve what you want to in your business or personal life
  • An expanded awareness and understanding as to what is really required to make massive changes and specifically how to do it
  • An acceptance that you are capable of achieving better and more fulfilling results
  • A time-served methodology that will move you to where you want to be, both professionally and personally
  • Powerfully integrated benefits, tools and experiences
  • A one-day experience you will never forget
  • You will get our 100% better-than-risk-free money-back guarantee
  • A program specific booklet so you can take away and develop what you've learnt and capture all the "Golden nuggets" on offer. 


Any questions email: [email protected]



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