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 A BRAND NEW WAY - to clearly define your most powerful heartfelt desires in your career, health and vitality, relationships and with time and money.

In addition you will know how to develop your attitude, effectiveness and know how to make successful progress towards your crystallised desires!

Or YOU Don't Pay! 

Everyone has these priceless desires - but most never discover them!
Unless you have true and clearly defined heartfelt desires that are of supreme importance and of the greatest meaning to you, the reality is that you are probably settling for a fraction of what life has to offer.

By taking a few moments to pinpoint where you score in the four overarching areas of your life below, you will immediate know if you are settling for less than you deserve or actively developing pathways to an inspiring future. The Prime Aspiration Scale makes it easy for you to accurately score your present situation.

Prime Aspiration Scale

  • 0 - no aspiration
  • 1-20 - whims, wishes
  • 20-40 - obligations, should, like to’s
  • 40-60 - average desire or wants 
  • 60-80 - sense of duty, moderate wants
  • 80-99 - strong interest and motivation
  • 100 – A true and clearly defined heart-felt desire that is easily articulated to others with a specific target date in mind

Using the Prime Aspiration Scale above, 0 to 100, where do you honestly rate your present aspirations in these 4 areas of your life?

Area Of Life And Your Score                          

  • Career ( ? ) out of 100
  • Health & Vitality ( ? ) out of 100
  • Relationships ( ? ) out of 100
  • Time & Money Freedom ( ? ) out of 100                                                  

Know this, a worthy cause can only every produces an effect that is just as good.  Unless you are at 100 in all areas of your life, the causes you are pursing are yielding only a fraction of what is truly available to you.

I’m personally guaranteeing I can help you define you number 1 desires in your career, health and vitality, relationship and with time and money


Here are just a few organisations that have benefitted from what is available to you. 

  • Akzo Nobel
  • ASDA
  • Australia National Consulting
  • Barclays Bank
  • Cricket Australia
  • Cricket Victoria
  • Coca-Cola UK
  • Fosters
  • Kraft UK
  • Kraft Australia
  • Lloyds TSB Private Banking
  • Prosper Financial
  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • Westpac

People have added multi-millions dollars of brand new business when defining what is important for them to achieve in their career. They have provided better service, scaled what they do and provide better solutions and products too.

Relationships have been created and tears of joy released when people finally decide on what is important to them and why.

People tell me they feel healthier and happier because they are pursuing their desires and looking after their personal wellbeing.

People have crystallised how they are going to live their lives with time and money freedom and achieved special, important and significant outcomes. They feel fulfilled.

Business owners become more effective, make more money and take more holidays and feel healthier and happier in doing so.

Being at 100 is the switch for you to do what you do best, being creative in your thinking and actions.  Being at 100 means you move to solution based thinking and you focus on “how to’s’. Your desire is so strong because you want to attain your heartfelt desires.  

Cause and effect are not luck. When you are at 100 your causes are excellent and your effects have to be just as good.

Awareness is the key

Emotions are the first cause of you defining your heart-felt desires. The stronger your emotional connection to your desires, the more likely you are to keep going when you encounter obstacles that you will surely encounter.  When you are at 100 per cent emotional engagement, your mind always seems to find the answers you need.  This is why you must have aspirations that stimulate your whole mind and body in an emotional charged way.  You need emotional resolve to be at your very creative and active best.

 20-20 Motivation will work for you because of some very specialised and relevant knowledge

The Power Of Effective Questions

The power of questions opens up your mind to think about your true desires.  When you answer specific questions related to your career, health and vitality, relationships and with time and money freedom, you start to reveal desires and possibilities for you to pursue.  However, this is only part of what you need.

Open Ended Statements

The mind responds best to open ended statements.  By using handcrafted open-ended statements in the four integral areas of your life, you will bring out and reveal aspirations and desires that are so special and important to you.  Open-ended statements have a knack to bringing out desires and aspirations that you may have not previously considered.

The Jewel In The Crown

With your desires clearly elicited, expressed and captured from quality questions and relevant open-ended statements, you need to accurately gauge which desires are the ones that you’d love to have as part of your life. Which ones are truly worthy of you and your time?  What we are really talking about here are desires that form the pathway of growth, development and fulfilment in your life.

The Emotional Evaluator™

My clients consider The Emotional Evaluator™ as the most illuminating and powerful way that they have experienced, to clearly ascertain their number 1 desires in life.    Combining it with The Prime Aspiration Scale allows you to easily, quickly and accurately decide the riches you seek, whether financial or intangible.  You can see and feel exactly where each of your answers scores on a 0 to 100 scale. One hundred being your true heartfelt desires, these are the ones that provide you with a wonderful, inspiring and fulfilling future.

You Can See, Feel And Easily Choose

The Emotional Evaluator below was used to help a person define their number 1 career aspiration.  The outcome was $25 million dollars of brand new business in just 18 weeks.

Your aspirations may be more or less lofty? However, it is using the Emotional Evaluator™ to decide what is right for you that is important here.  When you experience an emotional connection at 100, you will not need anyone to tell you that you are there, believe me!Your whole perspective on life changes!

The great news is you will be using the Emotional Evaluator™ in all four areas of your life to define what is so important for you. 


YES you are right!  This is a truly remarkable price considering the education and experience you will receive.  No other program I do is likely to be quite as generously priced. Why is it such good value? Well two reasons really - 

1.    My Mission – This is by far the most important! I believe everyone should be living a life pursing his or her true clearly defined heart felt desires.  If you really think about, how else could you live a totally fulfilling life?  A life that is full of wealth, focussed on your health and full of happiness.

2.    The value of helping people define and design their life is extraordinary. As with so many of my clients I hope we can build an on-going and successful relationship. A relationship in which your life grows and prospers too.

In a nutshell: I don’t want you to let your “life changing desires” pass YOU by. So for a mere $97 --- with zero downside on your part -- it’s a “No Brainer” participation decision. I hope you “Go-For-It” and...get in before time passes you by.  You have cast iron security with a no questions asked 30-day money back guaranteed.

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A Short Course Overview Of 20-20 Motivation

Be part of a 7 module, step-by-step fun, paradigm shifting process that is going to help you design a totally inspiring and clearly defined future.  And so much more..

Each module is thoughtfully created and presented so that you can define what is most important to you.

Module 1 – Career:  You start by uncovering all the possible ideas and outcomes that you’d love to have in your career. 

You will think in a new way, look and investigate and find out what are true desires for you. Ideas are going to burst through your regular day to day patterns. You then crystallise and identify the one that is truly motivating and suits you perfectly. This will then start to transform your career.  It is the one that is valuable, important, rewarding and means the most to you.

You are then able to take action being powered by your crystallised desire.  You are clear and focussed and know what motivates you.  This is about you bringing out your best attributes so that you can enjoy being more successful as well as being fulfilled. The best version of you will shine outwards in your career as you know what you truly desire.  

Module 2 – Health & Vitality:  Health is true wealth.  By taking the time to define what is important to you, then and only then can you actively stabilise or improve your mental and physical wellbeing.  Keeping your mind and body active in the direction of what is important to you, your health and vitality, really are one of the best things you can experience in life.

Feeling good, looking great and acting with energy makes you feel alive!

Module 3 – Relationships:  The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships. Do you need a better relationship with yourself?  What kind of relationship do you desire?  By defining exactly what this is for you, you can you start to make it happen.  

Whether it is love or deepening your relationships with yourself or others, being clear about this is a revelation in itself.  You’ll find life has so much more to offer when you are clear about your relationships professionally and personally.

Module 4 – Time and Money freedom:  A wonderful part of your life to have fun in, grow and expand your horizons is with time and money freedom.  Time and money freedom means making decisions about what you would love to do with your time and having the money to do it.  It all starts with you deciding what you would love to do with your time and money freedom.  Ideas priorities your time and they give the impetus to generate the money.  Getting this right is a game changer in every aspect of your living days.

Module 5 – Elevate Your Prime Aspiration: When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve your Prime Aspirations.  In this session you review your aspirations and look to elevate each one into even stronger desires. This is a distinct and unique approach to make sure you are fully motivated, happy and engaged.

Module 6 – Write Your Prime Aspiration:  You are going to clearly write out your Prime Aspiration using templates and examples in minutes. You’ll have examples for all 4 areas of life. You can use them to write your Prime Aspiration in as little as 4 powerful lines.  Adding a target date ensures your mind is focused and you are ready for action.  Many say this clarity and peace of mind is priceless.

Module 7 – Creating A Powerful Attitude To Achieve Your Prime Aspiration:  You will learn how to generate a powerful attitude and immediately take action with purpose and power. You will know how to keep your thoughts, feelings and actions on target and how they can make you more effective. A worthy cause needs a mind sufficiently developed to attain your newly defined desires. This module shows you how.

Guarantee:  I stand by my work if it’s not everything I say and more - you’ve got 30 days money back guarantee.  In this time you will have your desires clearly articulated and been given direct access to me (see bonuses below). You can complete the whole program in just a few days.  So there is no risk in your part with 30 days money back guarantee.

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Here’s what people have said once they’ve experienced what you are about to:

“This is a clear, direct and results focused process.  I asked the skeptics in my division what they thought of Prime Aspiration Process. The general consensus was, we have had all the big names, in the worlds of finance and sport; this was by far the best we have ever had.”

Nigel Gallagher Sales Director Barclays Financial Management


“Crystallising not just what you want but how to get it”                                                               Dave McNulty Vice President Of Sales Coca-Cola UK 


“Further realization that to achieve big results is not rocket science by uncovering what you truly want and doing it, self motivation will also come from knowing you are always aiming at your true goals, Paul gives you the tools to do this”.  

Philip Leedham Field Sales Manager Barclays Financial Management 


“Not just knowing what to do…but actually doing it”                                                                   David Sayers – Head of Direct Sales Lloyds/TSB Private Banking


“Understanding the emotional gaps and how to fill them!”                                                       Cathie Goddard – People development Asda House Training


“Thank you - Feedback from members was positive… members took your practice/personal management views to heart and have adjusted the way they do business.”                          

Tony Gray – Chapter Chair, Financial Planning Association, Northern Tasmania Australia


“More quality time at home without impacting on success at work”                                       Simon Clarke – Coca-Cola Sales Controller


“To see that things are possible that I have previously rejected.”                                                 Easton Millar – Kraft Europe Trade relations/Field Sales Communication Manager


“How to focus and have clarity for goals….. Inspired to have a go at achieving – with the tools to achieve it”

Clare Parkinson – Unique Co-ordinator Women in business Chamber of Commerce


“Made me think of my own goals and what I wanted to achieve”                                               Nick Hall – Blackburn Rovers F. C Head of Business development


“Helped me to spell out what it is that I am trying to achieve and what I need to do to get it.”Kylie Hunter- Westpac Call Centre Manager Brisbane.


 “Deciding what I really want.”

Abby Trump –Lloyds/TSB Private Banking Independent Financial Advisors


“How we think about approaching our job and motivation has to be a fire from within.  The understanding of just 1% improvement a day has given me a new attitude.”

Peter Winfield Flied Sales manager Barclays Financial Management


“If you do not know how to uncover your desires you will never achieve what you are truly capable of.”

Mark Parkinson Field Sales Manager Barclays Financial Management

Sound Great I’m In

 Additional Bonuses Over $3700 In Value

Bonus 1: I’m Here To Personally Help

In addition to the 20-20 Motivation program you have 3 months full access to  Ask Paul 20/20 Motivation.  You can ask me directly questions from each video so you can continue your development and growth to ensure you make quick progress.  3 months FULL access. Questions are weekly and in written form. 

Value $375

Bonus 2:  Exponentially Increase Your Effectiveness

In this specially recorded session for 20-20 Motivation, I am going to show you, guide you and give you strategies and methods to become highly effective. I use these methods with my high-end one to one clients to be much more effective.  This 32 minute presentation is going to show you how to ‘think effectively and be much more effective in your actions.  It is just what you need to advance daily towards the riches you seek, whether tangible or intangible.

Value $3,000

Bonus 3:  Expert Interviews

Learn from true expert in their field. I’ve personally interviewed these thought leaders and entrepreneurs to obtain their top secret and strategies of success.   After 30 days you are going to have full access to the wisdom packed into these interviews. 

Value $390

This is great I’m ready to join

Meet Your Experts

Jack Zufelt: has been honoured by the US Senate for teaching Americans how to achieve more in their personal lives and careers on; The Secrets to Success and Fulfilment

Andrew McDonald is a former Australian International Cricketer and current professional cricketer coach on: Maximising your own ability. He coach Victoria in his first season to win the prised Sheffield Shield Trophy . 

Harold Hillman - Paul Rodden Interviews Leading Expert Harold Hillman Harvard Graduate and PhD in Clinical Psychology on: Understanding and changing your business performance

Billy Bowden former ICC Elite International Cricket Umpire on: Getting to the Top and what it takes to stay there!

Nick Petrie is an International Performance Consultant specialising in helping managers increase the performance of their people on: Interview 1, Business Performance Interview 2. Personal Productivity.  The world renowned Creative Centre for Leadership has seen elite executives from all major organisation in the world benefit from Nick’s wisdom and knowledge. 

Richard Petrie former international sportsman is not your usual sales and marketing consultant. His clients claim that he gives them an unusual unfair competitive advantage on: The Winning Spirit

Tony Faulkner: former Head of the Medical Department at Blackburn Rovers Premiership Football Club Academy. Tony continues to work closely with Yehuda Shinar, the man behind the model for England Rugby Union World Cup Win 2003 on: Nurturing Performance

Sean Heneghan graduated from the MSc Organisational Psychology programme in 2002. Prior to that Sean was a Senior Store Operations Manager within the Kingfisher group of companies on: How you can obtain stand out results

Malcolm Nicholls: President of the Hellerwork Society of Oceania on: Health and Well-being - Posture and body shape - Energy and vitality

Chris Rigby holds an MBA from Henley where my initial research was entitled “The Role of Reflection in Leadership Development” that now forms part of the Henley Working Paper series on: How to excel as a leader

Graeme Richardson is self-made business owner and entrepreneur on: The Principles of growing your business

Graham Lowe former ALL Blacks Strength and conditioning Coach, Americas Cup BMW Oracle conditioning expert and 2016 Western Bulldogs AFL staff premiership winner on: Timeless strategies for you to excel

Paul Rodden on: The Three secrets of changing the way that you feel towards exercise -
Working out the magic of the mind – As featured in Health and Fitness Magazine

Paul Rodden - Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies and elite professional athletes on:
The True Cause of Achievement

Immediate Next Step…  Okay I’m in let me try it

In Summary

1.   You receive a totally comprehensive and proven program

2.   I’ll teach you step by step to define what you’d loved to achieve in your career, health and vitality, relationships and with time and money freedom

3.   You be able to write it out so it is crystal clear in your mind

4.   You will learn how to become more effective in what you do

5.   You will learn how to improve your attitude to achieve better outcomes

6.   You have 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee 

7.   You will be gifted bonuses to the value of $3700 to help you succeed

Please do not underestimate the impact on your life of defining and being able to articulate your heart-felt desires!  It is life changing.

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Any questions email: [email protected]

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