Its important to get Extra -ordinary results you are proud of but even better to enjoy achieving them!

Topline Results

  • $124 million of brand new profits in 14 months
  • $25 Million new product listing in 11 weeks
  • $7.2 million additional profit in 18 weeks
  • Idea created 4% increase in profits overnight for major blue chip
  • Business in decline owner of 22 years creates 33% additional profit during global financial crisis and still growing
  • 46% growth in a market place in decline for 20 years for massive beverage organization.
  • Building own property, moving country and staying with the same company within 6 months
  • Visionary Strategic planning and habits changes resulting in 120% growth in declining market
  • Re-organizing International Marketing department with massive impact on marketing results and returns +200%
  • Javelin wannabe become No1 in his country and throws 17 meters further in just one week
  • International Cricketer beats record that has stood since 1892
  • Business owner over one million in annual incomes after 27 years of trying Financial
  • Planner goes from $40k to 120K per month in just 29 months

"This is a clear, direct, and results-focused process. I asked the skeptics in my division what they thought of the Prime Aspiration Process. The general consensus was, we have had all the big names in the worlds of finance and sport; this was by far the best we have ever had."

Nigel Gallagher
Sales Director, Barclays Financial Management

"The principles in the Uncovering Diamonds reinforced my thought process.
The last sessions really brought everything together – It definitely is great value."

David Fagan
General Manger, Westpac

"In over 30 years of business I’ve never felt so focused. I am now creating significantly better and better results each year and I am healthier, wealthier and happier in doing so."

Peter Prvulj
Financial Planner and Owner Of Prospa Financial Pty Ltd

"Crystallising not just what you want but how to get it."

Dave McNulty
Vice President of Sales, Coca-Cola UK

"I am writing to thank you for your expertise and support. Your knowledge and guidance is far beyond the coaching normality and beyond my own expectations. We sat down to design my ideal business. This included an ambitious amount of income. In just 29 months this landmark has been achieved. I would recommend you to any Financial Planner or business owner who wants to improve their financial aspirations."

Michal Kakaras
Owner Australian National Consulting

Client Testimonials

Listen to actual client testimonials of working with Paul.


Portfolio of clients includes
but is not limited to:

Australian Cricketers’ Association, Australian National Consulting, Akzo Nobel, Barclays Bank, Cereal Partners Worldwide founders Nestlé and General Mills. Cricket Victoria, Cricket Australia, Coca-Cola, Fosters, Kraft Foods UK, Kraft Foods Australia, Premiership Footballers, Prospa Financial, Stanley Black & Decker, Westpac.

In depth case studies that you can model

Peter Prvulj - Business Owner Financial Planner makes over a million after 27 years of trying! Each step is clear and designed to help you generate ideas to improve what you do.


 Akzo Nobel - $25 million in new sales. UK Team produce results that transform the way they do business. Learn and cherry pick ideas for better results.


Full report boardroom style report showing actually figures of profit and growth as well as transformation in people’s engagement both emotionally and by their actions.


* Disclaimer

When reading the results, please bear in mind that there is no guarantee that you will achieve the same. Every client has learned to work effectively on how to change their thinking in situations and circumstances that had previously impacted upon their performance. These clients worked exceptionally hard and remained focused. There is no such thing as typical results for my clients. The higher your personal desire, integrated with your awareness to see positive conditions as a result of your actions, and by taking time to work on high pay-off activities, means the more likely you are to succeed.


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