Meet Paul

Meet Paul

Paul attracts organisations, teams, individuals and household names in professional sport because he uses simple, proven and time tested universal principles to improve performance and fulfillment.

Paul’s portfolio of client’s includes but is not limited to: Akzo Nobel, Asda, Australian Cricketers Association, Australian International Cricketers, Australian National Consulting, Barclays Bank, Coca-Cola, CPW (Nestle & General Mills), Cricket Australia, Fosters, Kraft Foods, Lloyds TSB Private Banking, Premiership Footballers, Prospa Financial, Stanley Black & Decker, Westpac, Cricket Victoria,

Hundreds of millions of brand-new profits have been banked in business, great fortunes in personal wealth has been acquired. In sport substantial increases in personal performances recorded and new records established.

Paul is a co-author in the DNA Of Success Stories and the Uncovering Diamonds E-book: How Businesses Teams and Individuals Can Immediately Generate Unforeseen And Extra-Ordinary Results.

Most people in business are initially drawn to Paul because of the financial impact his programs have on businesses generating brand new profits and often extra-ordinary results. While this is delightful and a plus, the prime reason that Paul encourages businesses to participate is: people at all levels gain the understanding, knowledge, and wisdom of how to enrich and improve their lives professionally and personally. They become crystal clear in their minds of what success is and how to achieve it.

When you take timeless principles that can be applied to any circumstances and show people, step by step how to use them, people know how they can improve their life on every level. To Paul, being healthy and happy should be inextricably linked to ongoing development and success and the mastery of universal principles make this possible for one and all.

Paul wants to share these timeless principles with people and businesses that are ambitious and seek greater improvement and advancement.

The principles of enjoying a successful life never change, however they always need applying as our changes circumstances. They are therefore equally applicable to people who lead the biggest organisations as they are to top sports people, and so to individuals who are just starting out in life.

When you are aware of these principles, you realise that success and fulfilment are not chance occurrence. They will enhance your life both professionally and personally. Bettering your life professionally and personally is available to every one not just a tiny fraction of the populatation. 

Paul loves to see the delight on people’s faces in achieving outcomes they thought were beyond their reach. This is so special no matter what their level of attainment. People feeling their self-worth and value is, in Paul’s mind, something that we should all aim to contribute towards.