The Keys To Greater Success,
Wellbeing And Happiness For Business Leaders, Owners & Professionals

Hi I’m Paul Rodden and I have a question for you.

'What is the universal human success problem?'

It restricts your income, affects your wellbeing, handicaps your happiness and keeps you from deeply developing your relationships professionally and personally. It also imposes boundaries on what you do with money and time.

The universal human success problem:

'Belief in limitation is the one and only cause of limitation itself.' 

How does belief in limitation cause limitation in business?

It stops us from doing things that we know we can, should or must do, but don’t. It stops curiosity about who we are and what we are able to do. It limits the money in our bank account and our success, affects our wellbeing and caps our happiness.

When our focus is surrendered to limiting beliefs, it is like an invisible mental ceiling forms within our mind. It defines our limitations without taking into account what we are truly capable of. It is very successful at limiting our success.

What are some keys factors that cause belief in limitation?


  • don’t have true and clearly defined heart-felt desires. This is cause and effect; a weak cause produces a limited effect. Weak causes don’t inspire. (Action and reaction).
  • don’t actually feel and believe they can achieve what they desire.
  • let fear win consciously and subconsciously.
  • have no detailed plan on how to achieve their desires within a specific time frame.
  • don’t have effective communication skills.
  • don’t utilise effective help.
  • are not effective with their time and activities.
  • disregard their wellbeing that impacts on their attitude.
  • don’t know how to develop wonderful and enriching relationships.
  • believe criticism from people to the point it makes them feel inadequate and inferior.

Why do these limitations impact severely on our capabilities?

People who are happy think about being happy.

People who eat healthy foods think about eating healthy foods.

People who are calm thinking about being calm.

Whatever you focus on shapes your world, in fact it influences what you see, how you feel and what you do. Keeping your focus is not easy.

What is the most difficult job in the world?

Sustained and consecutive thinking is the most difficult job in the world. It is needed to sustain our efforts to take us from where we are now to where we would love to be in life. Without it, we do stuff that is not really that valuable and important to us. Our time is not being used wisely. Time is a bank account that only ever goes down. Not using it wisely reduces our livingness and accomplishments.

Any limiting beliefs drive a wedge in our thoughts. They stop us from consistently focusing on aspirations and making them part of our life. They alter our feelings and suppress our capabilities and the feelings of truly being alive.

Any restrictions in how we think, feel and act control our career, wealth, wellbeing, and ultimately the quality of our life. 

The Story Of The Three 3’s

A group of business executives wanted the keys to greater success, wellbeing and happiness. They wanted to experience this both professionally and personally. They were told to seek out three great business leaders. Each one had valuable knowledge and experience to help them achieve greater success, wellbeing and happiness.

Each of the three great leaders would give them three pearls of wisdom that would be the foundation to greater success, wellbeing and happiness, hence the Three 3’s. The information would make them feel alive and inspired. They went to meet each of the great leaders in turn.

Leader 1: Happiness

The first business leader said without any of the group speaking, ‘I know something about you and you know the same thing about me. It is something that’s highly personal and deeply important to all of us. It is something that we all share. It is our desire to be happy. We are all together on this.’

‘You have come to me to learn about happiness.’ The wise Leader told the group to think about people that they know who have all that it takes to make them happy yet they are not! They want something else or more of what they already have.

Yet, there are people who have suffered great misfortune, things have happened to them that you would not want to experience, yet they are happy? They are filled with happiness.

What is it that makes us happy? It is being grateful. The people who seem to have all that is needed to make them happy are not grateful. The people who are happy are grateful. It is gratitude that makes us happy and not happiness that makes us grateful.

A New Awareness

The great business leader explained how gratitude is generated in people and that two things are needed to experience gratitude.

  1. Something is freely given to us
  2. What we receive must be really valuable

When we have both, gratefulness raises spontaneously in our hearts.

How can we live and work gratefully so we experience ongoing happiness?

The leader continued, ‘Every moment is a given moment. You haven't earned the moment. You simply don't know how many more moments you will have in life. There is no guarantee and so it is the most precious of gifts. Within the moment is an opportunity to make something out of our professional and personal life. When you actually do something with this moment, to make use of it, to benefit or profit from it, this is the key to happiness.’

Take these 3 pieces of knowledge with you: 

  1. Each moment is gift.
  2. Each moment has an opportunity for you to avail.
  3. Action is what changes your life.

Now you must go and visit the Leader 2 and learn about success.

Leader 2: Success

Just as the first leader talked to you about gratefulness in order to be happy, I need to make you aware of limitations so you are conscious of them and therefore overcome the ones you need to. 

When aiming to make your business life more successful, there are three phases that happen to you and happen to everyone.

Phase 1: Idea and Action. You get an idea and start to take action on it. You feel alive.

Phase 2: Actual versus Imagined. You look at what you’ve created and it looks nowhere near as good as you first hoped! It is nowhere near what you first imagined.

Phase 3: Voice of Destruction!

Your internal voice of destructive becomes activated. Your inner voice starts to question whether you are worthy of having this idea or outcome in your life. It highlights all the reasons you are not worthy of this outcome. It gives you examples of your failures and talks you out of taking action when things don’t go to plan. It breaks your belief that you can achieve your outcome. It replaces it with thoughts and reasons why you cannot. It drives a deep wedge of limitation between where you are and where you truly aspire to be.

The three phases apply whether you are starting your career or you are already making a difference to millions. It happens to everyone.

You must be able to successfully move on from phase 3. You must know and feel that you are worthy of having your desires fulfilled and achieving aspirations. You can only do this by answering the Voice of Destruction with a powerful message. Your message must be logical, reasonable, emotional and based on truth. No one else can do this … only you!

In order to successfully go beyond your limiting beliefs, you must go and learn from the next great business leader, where you can learn wisdom that will serve you well.

Take these 3 pieces of knowledge with you:

  1. In phase 1: you must have a worthy cause, as a weak cause will have a weak effect on you. A worthy cause will bring out the best in you.
  2. In phase 2: what you have actually created is not as good as you imagined. This happens to everyone. Everyone can relate to this who is pursuing worthwhile aspirations.
  3. In phase 3: there are many proven ways to successfully answer and pacify your Voice of Destruction and silence it when it arises. History has shown this to be so on many occasions.

Leader 3: Wisdom

The third great business leader told of three types of wisdom:

  1. Heard wisdom: You hear from others a truth that you know will make a difference in your life.
  2. Intellectual wisdom: You gain understanding from information resources like books or courses.
  3. Experiential wisdom: You experience insights and understandings firsthand.

Experiential wisdom gives you the deepest understanding and it can only come from learning and benefitting ourselves. You can expect powerful insights when you experience new things. Lasting change comes from discovering a bit more about who we are and what we can do by taking action.

The Leader explained that in order to willfully take action, you need to be ‘gifted’ with three important pieces of information:

  1. Seek people who have overcome the obstacles that you need to overcome and learn from them.
  2. Don’t do trail and error when you can do trail and success. Suboptimal strategies produce suboptimal effects. Optimal strategies optimise your capabilities; they exist so use them.
  3. When you go beyond your limitation beliefs, your beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of change too. You feel alive.

The group knew they had to blend all of the Leader’s wisdom together if they were going to have greater success, wellbeing and happiness. It was going to take a lot of time and research.

This could takes weeks, months and even years. They agreed that this would be a worthwhile investment of time, as the rewards of greater success, wellbeing and happiness far outweighed the diligence required to enjoy the deeply satisfying and joyous rewards.

Announcing: Elevate360

A Bastion Of Greater Business Success, Wisdom, Wellbeing & Happiness

10 places ONLY for values-driven committed achievers

You’ll be part of a unique and enliven experience. The ‘pay off’ should be widely enriching to your business, health, relationships and bank account.

Elevate360 places the keys firmly in your hands to greater success, wellbeing and happiness in business and beyond. It takes the strategies of super-achievers past and present and delivers them to you in a manner that absolutely anyone can use and greatly benefit from.

When you have the understanding and knowledge and then implement proven strategies to enjoy greater success, wellbeing and happiness, you will notice these breathtaking changes in how you think, feel and act.

Transformation in your thinking may include but is not limited to the following:


  • acknowledge fear and know how you can instruct it so it never wins and you do.
  • enjoy a wonderful relationship with yourself and respect who you have become.
  • are kinder to yourself.
  • trust yourself more.
  • realise you can successfully overcome things that lead to extraordinary personal achievements.
  • notice breakthroughs and have frequent epiphanies as you succeed more.
  • strengthen the belief that you are capable of more as you attain more.
  • are able to sustain consecutive and sustained thinking, which is the most difficult job in the world.
  • successfully answer the voice in your head that tells you that you are not worthy.
  • become responsive and not reactive.
  • reset to ‘I can’ when feedback says ‘you can’t.’
  • feel better day to day,
  • think about what is valuable and important to you and this reduces limiting thinking.
  • know how to make your activities effective.
  • think clearer, as you know what needs doing, who is doing it and by what dates.
  • experience faith and certainty often so you succeed more.


  • levels of confidence hit new highs and sustain for longer periods so you overcome difficult obstacles.
  • mind is calmer.
  • focus is sharper yet relaxed.
  • thinking takes you beyond previous limiting thoughts so you carry on and complete your actions.
  • thoughts become, I know ‘I can’ succeed and ‘I know how to’ succeed.

These are some of the expected boosts you will have emotionally.

You will feel:

  • amusement as you conquer unfounded and limiting beliefs.
  • entitled to achieve your aspirations.
  • happier
  • wiser
  • full of joy/happiness more often.
  • like you make a difference.
  • valued and appreciated.
  • like you can help others.
  • grateful daily.
  • inspired as you contribute in new ways.
  • curious as to how good life can be.
  • love in your heart as you see the beauty and wonderment in life more and more.
  • more energetic because you are creating a life that you love.
  • alive because of the opportunities you see and take advantage of.

This is what you can expect in your actions

You will:

  • take action on previously fearful situations.
  • know how to make each activity the best you can make it.
  • know how to infuse great thoughts and feelings into your actions.
  • do things with certainty and expect good outcomes.
  • realise that all great things grow out of the actions you take now.
  • develop a habit that makes you think about how much effect each action will have.
  • know each action is a stepping stone to being where you truly desire to be.
  • know each action gives you confidence that you are on track.

New Results

With new levels of awareness, new confidence and a better attitude, you can experience better rewards in your career/work including but not limited to:

  • Significantly improve and enjoy what you currently do
  • Increased earnings
  • Pay raises
  • Hit bonuses
  • Increase personal wealth
  • Secure a promotion at work
  • Gain acceptance by others at work and at home because you are making a difference
  • Enjoy your holidays more
  • Recognition from others about your new attitude and results
  • Being able to effectively and persuasively communicate to influence people
  • Scale your idea, product or service beyond where you are now
  • Create a legacy
  • Your efforts are fully rewarded
  • List new products or services
  • Gain financial backing
  • Convert prospects
  • Overcome budget restrictions
  • Gain effective partners and help
  • Successfully influence key decision makers
Elevate360 is so much more that a business program of advancement; the universal principles also accelerate and heighten developments in your wellbeing and your relationships.

In consideration of your wellbeing your will:

  • learn how to focus on your wellbeing while achieving greater success.
  • know how to live in happiness.
  • use time wisely and be glad you know how to and feel the benefits of doing so.
  • nurture your wellbeing while working.
  • have knowledge that deals with when you get off track or lose
  • know exactly how to integrate wellbeing into your professional and personal life daily.
  • be aware of what you need to do to boost your wellness in thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • strengthen your thoughts for wellness.
  • upgrade your thoughts to generate greater feelings of vitality.

Changes in your relationships may include but are not limited to you:

  • attracting the right type of people in your life.
  • experiencing deeper connections with others people.
  • knowing how to open up and contribute to meaningful and deep relationships with those who matter the most.
  • knowing how to connect with people in a far more rewarding ways for one and all.  
  • developing relationships that you want.
  • doing things for your family that you love.
  • noticing more about people and how to influence them.
  • knowing how to leave people in a better place than you found them.
  • cultivating a better relationship with yourself.
  • boosting your self-image.

The Question Becomes Is Our Potential Pre-determined?

Some people think that potential is as predetermined as eye colour or height. It is not! You can always improve by doing the right things well and refining what you do. However, potential is different in all of us.

 What is your Everest?

Climbing Everest is definitely not for everyone. However, we all have our own particular type of Everest, our own challenges that we know if we could overcome them, would make our life so much better. If it is only limiting beliefs that are denying us, surely we can do something about it.

By knowing belief in limitation is the one and only cause of limitation, you are going to be equipped to deal with any thinking or situation that has stopped you before. Anything that could slow you down or grind you to an unproductive halt has in all probability been successfully dealt with previously.

Overview Of Elevate360

What specifically does Elevate360 do in each session and in what order? 

There are three strategic stages for your on-going development:

  1. A live in person one-day event featuring sessions 1-6
  2.  Ten live online webinars featuring sessions 7-16 between 60-80 minutes
  3. Your second live in person one-day event featuring sessions 17-22

Each session has been handcrafted to ignite the desire within you and provide you with the right mental, emotional and practical solutions to solve the limitations that are unnecessary and slowing you down. So that you feel alive, fulfilled and at your best more often.

 In your first live one-day event here is what you will experience:


Session #1: Knowing How To Alter Your Perspective And Paradigm To Achieve Greater Success

Once I show you how a paradigm shift takes place, you’ll realise how much more is quickly possible for you to create and amass in your life while you enjoy doing so. The first month is guaranteed* to exceed any personal achievement or business growth experience you’ve ever encountered. After all, I have the entire future of our time together resting on month one, so I have to make certain you are aware of the power of the super-achiever strategies you will experience, and to make sure you have some big wins under your belt … big enough wins for you to realise what the compound effect of the program is going to have on you, professionally and personally.

In this session you will learn:

  • how the creative process works for super-achievers.
  • how the creative process for super-achiever is available to you.
  • how to generate positive conditions for your success. 

Session #2: Impress For Success - Define Your Business Prime Aspiration    

 In this session you will learn:

  • there is no substitute for desire and vision.
  • how to crystallise your number 1 heartfelt desire in business, your Business Prime Aspiration.
  • when you have identified your number 1 desire in business and how opportunities start to knock.
  • how to link what is most valuable and important to you to your work and career.
  • the power of emotions and how they bring clarity to your aspirations.

Session #3: Turning Your Business Prime Aspiration Into A Travel Itinerary

 You will:

  • use a unique system that instantly rewards you when you take action, and it records your success to keep you motivated.
  • plan your success in advance by identifying the landmark goals, steps and tasks that need to be achieved, each with specified time frames.
  • identify obstacles that need to be overcome by using the super-achiever strategies that follow.
  • use the primary law of cause and effect to your ultimate advantage.
  • connect all your activities to your Business Prime Aspiration to keep you motivated.

Session #4: Seek Effective Help Or Drastically Limit Your Success

In this session you will learn the most powerful fuel of super-achievers and immediately be able to use it to catapult forward at uncharted speeds of development and expansion. Paradoxically, it reduces stress at the same time.

You will know how to:

  • group activities into categories for efficient execution.
  • create a profile of the effective help you seek.
  • decide who is going to help you and make sure they are aligned with your values.
  • see and know what you need to do.
  • see and know what you can’t do so you can enlist the effective help you need to make progress faster.

You are going to feel like your potential has just been put on the most natural and powerful hormones know to the human race. 

Session #5: Masterfully Dealing With Fear So It Regresses To Its Basic Primal State

You will: 

  • deal with fear so it loosens its unnecessary grip on you.
  • feel and know you are entitled to succeed with powerful self-reassurance.
  • know you have the only qualification you need to succeed so you express and create.
  • realise that when you’ve dealt with fear you’ve just stacked the odds in your favour.

Session #6: How To Approach Motivate & Influence People

You are going to learn:

  • how to motivate people to take action.
  • to develop highly productive and enriching relationships.
  • that having no money or time is no problem when you use the greater motivators known.
  • to be specific about the help you need.
  • how to approach people who can help you.
  • to use one or more of the 3 motivating factors to inspire people and recruit help with respect and honour.
  • how to accept and acknowledge individuality.
  • what mistakes to avoid by learning from history.
  • learn from my experience and real-life examples.

Your education and development continues with the following live webinars:

Session #7: Become A More Effective Communicator

You will learn how to:

  • address the number 1 problem in business of poor communication so you yield better business results.
  • deeply and wisely develop relationships by being a more effective communicator.
  • model 3 powerful effective communication real-life examples and be able to use them.
  • complete a step-by-step reusable template to immediately redefine your communication skills and knowledge.
  • apply this professionally and personally.
  • realise that this skill is going to serve you for life.
  • prepare and use your new skills.
  • hold people’s attention on your most valuable and important points.
  • successfully get your ideas across to key people you need to influence. 

Session #8: Create Powerful & Persuasive Presentations That Influence Hearts And Heads

In this session you will learn:

  • the step-by-step method of how to produce powerful and persuasive presentations
  • to present your ideas, products or services in a persuasive manner, so that you influence people’s hearts and heads with logic, reason and emotion.
  • how to ethically motivate people to take action to benefit from your product, service or idea.
  • how to command attention and keep people curious about what you are about to communicate next.
  • from my actual video presentation, all the methods and techniques of what to say, how to say it and when.

Session #9: Developing Your Reach With Effective Promotional Partnerships

You will learn:

  • how to amply your message, service or product to generate unprecedented wealth.
  • how to get others to promote your message, ideas, product or service without paying for it.
  • how to approach and gain promotional partners.
  • how to make promotional partners want to promote you instantly.
  • how to speak to potential partners so they see you are a valuable partner.
  • what letters and communications to use with ready-to-use templates and examples … simply fill in the blanks.
  • step by step how to systematically implement your strategy with promo partnerships.
  • how to gain a promotional partner’s immediate attention.
  • a step-by-step process to ensure you are ready to use this strategy.

Session#10: Teaming Up With Corporate Sponsors For A WIN WIN WIN

You are going to learn:

  • how to offer your idea, product or services for free because someone else is paying.
  • how to position yourself in such a way that corporate sponsors see enormous value in the way you can help them, at the same time gaining new business.
  • a new perspective on how to approach and work with any size of corporate sponsor that will make your idea, service or product go viral.
  • what a value generate is and how it adds billions to organisations each year and what your value generate is.
  • how everyone involved in your corporate sponsorship deal benefits way beyond what they thought possible.
  • how to key into corporate sponsors’ company goals and align them with yours.
  • to quickly evaluate if a potential sponsor is worth pursing with a one pager application form saving you time, money and effort as well as identifying opportunities.

Session #11: How To Overcome Fear In The Tasks You Need To Take

 You are going to look at your tasks in a brand new way so you:

  • take action on what needs doing.
  • don’t go to soft none productive tasks when you hit a road block.
  • stack the odds in your favour in a few seconds and don’t waste time procrastinating.
  • see how others have conquered difficult and limiting situations and apply these strategies too.
  • have a simple and practical way to advance with greater speed, more directly and in a way that builds up self-confidence and takes only minutes for you to benefit from.
  • tackle fear in a way that is neutralising in its affects.
  • use this strategy instantly so you can grow to love it. 

Session #12: Remove The Biggest Conscious And Subconscious Blocks Towards Your Prime Aspiration

You will learn how to:

  • identify deep-seated restrictive pain from your past that is sabotaging your growth today and removing it.
  • see where problems might occur and have your remedy ready to alleviate them.
  • look at your Prime Aspiration and pinpoint where your new skills and knowledge are best going to be used.
  • find solutions to conscious and unconscious limiting patterns of behaviours.

Session #13: Value And Prime Aspirations Keep You On Track

You are going to know:

  • where you currently spend your time.
  • the vast majority of people do not control what they can control but you can.
  • how to control what is important and valuable to you.
  • where you can use time much more wisely.
  • how to hold yourself accountable.
  • an effective strategy that proves you are a success each day and will also radically enhance your beliefs of what you can achieve.
  • 7 methodologies that create laser-like focus. 

Session #14: 5 Steps To Thinking, Feeling And Acting Effectively

You are going to learn:

  • a secret that super-grateful people use and you can too.
  • that you have the master key to happiness.
  • super-achiever strategy 1 to think, feel and act effectively.
  • super-achiever strategy 2 to think, feel and act effectively.
  • three methods to activate and establish faith when taking action.

Session #15: Defining Your Health & Vitality Prime Aspiration

You will: 

  • identify your most important health and vitality aspiration.
  • take action towards it immediately.
  • feel a sense of satisfaction having taken action because, as the saying goes, ‘Health is true wealth.’ 

Session #16: How To Masterfully And Easily Deal With Critics And Find Pathways To Greater Success

Eleanor Roosevelt says, "All the water in the world cannot drown you unless it gets inside of you.”

You are going to know how to:

  • masterfully deal with past criticism that hurts and keeps you from being you.
  • masterfully deal with criticism as it arises in a wonderful and empowering way.
  • deal with self-criticism so you find pathways to greater success.
  • get rid of any trash criticism that is directed towards you.
  • pan for gold when criticism comes your way and use your findings wisely.
  • feel so much better when criticism is aimed directly at you.

In your second live one-day event here is what to look forward to:

Session #17: Developing Character And Cultivating A First Class Attitude

 You will know:

  • how to connect more deeply with your desires.
  • how to feel more ALIVE with your Prime Aspiration.
  • how to benefit from your Prime Aspiration once it is achieved.
  • what attitude is and how to adjust it in seconds.

Session #18: Embrace Deliberate And Directed Effort

 This is why embracing direct, deliberate effort is important…

 It will:

  • take away the myth about how success is achieved.
  • move you into direct and deliberate effort.
  • show you how to personalise effort so you become more effective.

You will: 

  • realise that you have what it takes to convert your potential and transform it into better results and outcomes.  
  • always know, step by step, what is needed to take direct and deliberate action.
  • know direction is ALWAYS before perseverance.

Session #19: Leave People In A Better Place

Be a person of increase and leave people feeling alive, worthy, grateful and inspired to improve their circumstance and situation whatever they are.

 You will know:

  • why it is ingrained within people to seek increase.
  • how to leave people in a better place when you interact.
  • you are a person of advancement and others will be attracted to you.
  • how to inspire others.
  • what to offer people so they advance too.

Session #20: Define Your Relationship Prime Aspiration

The quality of your life is in direct correlation to the quality of your relationships. Do you need a better relationship with yourself? What kind of relationship do you desire? By defining exactly what this is for you, you can start to make it happen.

In this powerful session you will:

  • define your number 1 relationship desire, your Relationship Prime Aspiration.
  • be able to articulate it more clearly.
  • take action towards it immediately.

Session #21: Breaking ANY Bad Habits

What Is Just ONE Bad Habit That You Would LOVE To Break?

In this life-changing, paradigm-shifting session, you will know how to break any habit no matter what it is and how long you’ve struggled to break it.

You will be shown:

  • step by step how to break any habit that you want to.
  • natural ways to think that really do make habit breaking easier to manage and do.
  • how to apply it to your current situation.

Session #22: Wellbeing Strategies, ideas and techniques

In a world full of constant distractions and demand, there is a very real need to look after our wellbeing today more than ever.

In this very important session you will learn what strategies and methods serve you best to safeguard your health and wellbeing. You will also plan, schedule and find ways to trigger time for you to look after yourself.

You will also learn how to become:

  • Calmer in mind
  • Happier
  • Relaxed

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Does Wisdom Have A Dollar Value?

The average salary in Australia is $85,982 per annum^, and Elevate360 is just a fraction of this cost. It is packed with knowledge and know how to raise every aspect of your business and personal life way beyond average and place your performance and quality of life in the optimum zone.

Elevate360 means you will have strategies that always work. They do not alter like tie width or hem length in the world of fashion. Each strategy will be of enormous value each day and throughout life.

For the last 15 years I’ve dedicated my life to finding ways to achieve greater success, wellbeing and happiness. Enough people throughout history and today have shown that our limitations can be overcome. They prove there are ways to shift our thoughts, feeling and actions to be more successful.

I’ve invested over a year studying present day super-achievers, as well as super-achievers who have impacted the world throughout history. I've learnt that many, while being incredibly successful, were not happy or neglected their wellbeing. So I studied happy people, as well as studying the best ways to look after our wellbeing.

From all the study and research, I have patiently extracted all the strategies and synthesised them. They’ve all been beta tested, one by one.

I then implemented each one myself. I found they worked better than anything I’d done before and I’d done a lot before. Greater success, welling and happiness are what happened.

I then needed to make certain that others could benefit from them too. My motive was pure, simple and heartfelt. I wanted to share these strategies with my children and family. So I created examples, easy-to-follow steps and, in many cases, fill-in-the-blank exercises. I then used them with my clients. The feedback has been better than I imagined. However, it was not just the words they shared. I can see the changes they’ve made, the new wealth acquired and how they are living much happier lives. They use the wellbeing strategies to feel less stress, yet paradoxically are gaining so much of what they truly value in life.

Weekends, late nights, early mornings, all the things that happen when you are so motivated and know you’re onto something special, have been part of a very worthwhile endeavour.

These handcrafted strategies work both professionally and personally. The exercises will show you how to break limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour so you have better habits that are centred on expansion and growth. At the same time you feel better too!

Quite simply, they help you achieve greater success, wellbeing and happiness professionally and personally.

My motive was pure, simple and heartfelt. I wanted to share these strategies with my children and family. So I created examples, easy-to-follow steps and, in many cases, fill-in-the-blank exercises.

In Summary

This initial cause of greater success starts by defining what is both valuable and important to you whether in your career, health or happiness. You can earn more money, create a legacy, have a more successful career, enjoy your family and focus on your wellbeing with strategies that allow you to do so.

Time is going to keep on ticking by. The average person in Australia lives 4,264 weeks or until age 82. It is not a lot of time when you think about it.

I appeal to your desire for greater success, wellbeing and happiness to start using what works, what others use and have used to elevate their lives. To use strategies and methods that are not fads, they will work for you. You never ever get your time back, so it is so important to use it wisely.

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^ Bureau of statistics 2018

Any questions email: [email protected]

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