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There is a faster path for you to create extra-ordinary results.  There is a way for you to enjoy doing so. When you:

Know your desires professional and personal.

Know you can succeed.

Know how to make your actions successful.

You will experience so much more in life with 525600.




These Questions are designed to help me determine the level of thinking that has taken you to where you currently are in life, your conditions and situation. 


There sole purpose is to help you and I ascertain your levels of thinking as they really are. It will reveal ideas, insights and opportunities I can use to help you develop your ability, increase your level of performance and your quality of life. It will plug me into your thoughts and activities that you are currently doing. It will identify any major gaps in thinking and actions that I need to alert you on. It will reveal to what extent you are using principles to be healthier, wealthier and happier, in all that you do. It will indicate how to improve your thinking, your emotional states and your activities to make success much more enriching.


Please sit down---right now---and try to honestly answer all the questions that follow. Your candid and complete answers will contribute meaningfully to the quality of business that you offer to your clients.  They will also give you new purpose and drive in your personal life. In gracious appreciation---I will give to you the best strategic ways for you to achieve the result that you truly desire. 

Please see this as a special use of your time.  Right now you are laying the foundations of a much better life and future. Your answers are confidential and I will never share them with anyone.

Your responses will provide you and I with the awareness needed to advance and develop a pathway to new and fulfilling results and experiences.  To be more, do more, give more and have more ongoing. 

It is now time to think about how you truly can develop? Where you can grow?  How you can contribute more effectively in business and personally for the next 12 months and beyond.


525600 Questionnaire

Please provide open, candid responses to the following open statements and questions. Take your time thinking through these—the more complete and honest the response, the better I’m able to assess if I can serve you. Remember, your responses are confidential and never shared with anyone other than me. This exercise is for your own clarity and to help me understand your world and how you think and act within it. Take your time, take as much space as you need, and enjoy the process! You’re on your way!

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Question 1 of 35

Please complete the following in the box below: 


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Month Entering the 525600 (this month/year):


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Question 2 of 35

The thing that motivates me the most to join Paul’s 525600 1-1 private and personal program at this time in my life is…

Question 3 of 35

The reason I am absolutely committed to succeeding in this program if I get in right now is…


The following questions relate to your career. 

Question 5 of 35

The one thing that I would love to achieve in my career is…

Question 6 of 35

If I had to focus on just two things with Paul they’d include…

Question 7 of 35

Being fulfilled in my career means…

Question 8 of 35

A successful day to me is…

Question 9 of 35

A problem or a fear that I’ve been backing down from in my business lately is…

Question 10 of 35

If I am truly honest I need to put my effort and focus into…

Question 11 of 35

With the right opportunities I would achieve…

Question 12 of 35

When I am successful I do this…

Question 13 of 35

The legacy I’d love to create in my career is…

Question 14 of 35

A life-changing amount of income for me is…


The following questions relate to personal aspirations. 

Question 16 of 35

The one thing that I would love to achieve in my personal life is…

Question 17 of 35

 I know I’m fulfilled when…

Question 18 of 35

The way I make myself feel better about life is…

Question 19 of 35

I describe the relationship I have with myself as…

Question 20 of 35

When I meet with people my aim is always to…

Question 21 of 35

The three things I love and enjoy about myself the most are…




Question 22 of 35

My regularly hobbies include…

Question 23 of 35

An area of life I’d love to master is …

Question 24 of 35

The qualities I respect and admire in other people are…

Question 25 of 35

Select the answer that best describe how you deal with money:


Spend it quickly


Keep it and bargain a lot


Love to earn it


Not overly concerned with it


The following questions relate to your Growth and development 

Question 27 of 35

I know if I had the right attitude this would happen…

Question 28 of 35

The one habit I’d love to develop is…

Question 29 of 35

The one habit I’d love to break is…

Question 30 of 35

Developing my mind is important because …

Question 31 of 35

In order to be healthier and vibrant I need to…

Question 32 of 35

The one thing I need to do more of is…

Question 33 of 35

Where do you rate yourself on a 1 to 10 scale?   10 being high and at mastery level. 


Being Orderly
Scheduling Activities
Meeting Deadlines
Calmness Of Mind


N.B. You can copy and paste the list into the answer box to save time.  Then type in your rating next to each one. 

Question 34 of 35

When I laugh uncontrollable it is because…

Question 35 of 35

What makes you laugh?

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